About The Flickertail Times

The Flickertail Times is a satire (fake news) website that digs up all things North Dakotan. The Flickertail Times was created in 2017 by its loving leader and founder, Teddy Meadowlark.

Teddy was born and raised in North Dakota. His true identity remains a mystery to readers. Some have guessed if he is a long-time state employee. Others have imagined him as simply a political insider. In reality, Teddy is the collective heart and spirit of North Dakota who exposes the hard-hitting truths of North Dakota through good old fashioned comedy.

As a reminder, the Flickertail Times is a satirical news site. The First Amendment protects satire and parody as a form of free speech and expression.

Feedback or comments? Teddy would love to read it. Send your mail to him at editor@flickertailtimes.com

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