Winter Blues

The founders of the Famous Dakota SnoBlade Snow Shovel were from what North Dakota town?
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North Dakota Tourism Says There's Six Ways Disney's "Frozen" Is Just Like Minot. Which of the following is not a reason?
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Which of the following items is not included in the ND DOT winter survival kit recommendations?
Which city in North Dakota offers a cash prize to the person who can correctly guess when a giant pop-can will break through the ice of its local pond?
Per North Dakota Game and Fish recommendations, how thick should ice be to support a medium sized truck?
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What is the name of Bottineau's famous Snowmobiling reptile?
What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in North Dakota?
Theodore Roosevelt wrote about North Dakota's freezing temperatures in his journal on December 15th, 1884. How did Roosevelt describe the weather?
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What is the fine for crossing a road closure gate?
The "Sundog" a meteorological phenomenon often appearing in North Dakota skies in frigid temperatures can be often located how many degrees in relation to the sun?
What does a solid purple color represent on the North Dakota Road Report Map?
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Which of the following winter sports does the Jamestown Visitors Center recommend on its website?
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