BISMARCK — Winter Storm Richard is expected to pound the Midwest on Thanksgiving with 6+ inches of wet and heavy precipitation.

A powerful area of low pressure will cause rough conditions with 70+ mph winds in some areas. The storm will come in multiple waves, stopping momentarily only to pick back up again, growing in both size and intensity.

The storm will form over the western portion of the country before crossing the Rockies and slamming the Midwest from behind.

Chief Flickertail Times Meteorologist Dick Johnson says the sheer size of the storm will make travel impossible, creating wet and slippery conditions on the ground as it blows through open areas.

The Midwest should expect several inches the first night before Richard strengthens again.

“The size and girth of this storm is absolutely mammoth,” says Johnson. “Winter Storm Richard is a monster and most areas impacted by Richard should expect at least six plus inches. Travelers should expect frequent delays. We recommend anyone traveling through Winter Storm Richard to use protection — pack a winter survival kit and be prepared to be stranded overnight if caught in Richard’s path. This storm is no joke. It’ll come in several waves and folks should take it very seriously.”

The tip of Winter Storm Richard will have the greatest intensity and could extend far into northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and penetrate parts of Canada.

Johnson says colder temperatures will eventually weaken Winter Storm Richard however, those in the storm’s path will certainly be in for a show.

“If you don’t need to leave your house, don’t. Stay inside, eat some turkey, and do whatever it is people do when the weather outside is frightful. And make no mistake. Winter is coming.”

More on Winter Storm Richard as it further develops.

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