A portrait of North Dakota's favorite condiment, Hidden Valley Ranch, was unveiled at the Rough Rider Hall of Fame at the State Capitol in Bismarck.

BISMARCK — Hidden Valley Ranch was recently inducted into the North Dakota Rough Rider Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the State Capitol.

The North Dakota Rough Rider award is given to outstanding individuals who have attained accomplishments that have brought honor to the state. Recipients of the award are immortalized in a portrait that is displayed in the Rough Rider Hall of Fame in the state capitol in Bismarck.

“Although Hidden Valley Ranch isn’t a person, it’s no secret ranch dressing is a bit of a celebrity in North Dakota,” says Roughrider Hall of Fame Master of Ceremonies Pepper Burgerstein. “Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing is the perfect companion to nearly any dish and can be found at nearly every restaurant, social gathering, church potluck and kitchen in North Dakota. You can never go wrong with ranch on the northern prairie. It’s been said that ranch dressing has settled disputes, saved marriages, and rescued even the worst of culinary intentions. When our legislators have a disagreement, the Sergeant at Arms usually locks them in a room with ranch dressing and a few sides and usually any sort of disagreement between the lawmakers is worked out in a matter of minutes. Hidden Valley Ranch is the common blood that flows through the collective veins of all North Dakotans.”

The portrait’s permanent home will be located next to Governor Burgum’s portrait in the Rough Rider Hall of Fame.

The official Hidden Valley Ranch Rough Rider Portrait was unveiled during the festivities in the state capitol. North Dakota’s favorite condiment will join the ranks of previous recipients of the Award including Theodore Roosevelt, Roger Maris, Lawrence Welk, Peggy Lee, Eric Sevareid, Phil Jackson and Governor Doug Burgum.

Beneath the portrait of the zesty dressing reads the following:

North Dakota’s premiere choice in salad dressing and all around favorite condiment, Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing is honored due to its significant contributions to the state and people of North Dakota. No recipe, potluck, restaurant or kitchen would be complete without it. The dressing’s surprising zing has delighted generations in North Dakota and continues to do so each and every day.

In response to the honor, Hidden Valley Ranch announced the release of a their new flavor, titled “Legislative Ranch”. The North Dakota exclusive flavor will be available in a ranch dressing fondue fountain located in the legislative cafeteria at the State Capitol. Governor Burgum’s office will also be providing samples to guests.

Governor Burgum will be serving guests samples of “Legislative Ranch” at the State Capitol.

“The Governor will be serving Legislative Ranch to all guests who stop by his office in honor of Hidden Valley’s induction into the Rough Rider Hall of Fame,” says Burgum’s Condiment Connoisseur Dill Spicer. “Frankly, the Governor feels the award was long overdue for the salad dressing and expresses his gratitude to everyone who made this latest addition to the Rough Rider Hall of Fame possible.”

Hidden Valley Ranch beat out several nominees for this year’s Rough Rider Hall of Fame induction, including Josh Duhamel, Carson Wentz and Cara Mund.

“But after careful review of the nominees, we quickly realized there was no comparison,” says Burgerstein. “Hidden Valley Ranch reigned supreme. Josh, Carson and Cara were no match for the condiment’s delightful zing and worldwide fame. Those three will have to wait another year.”

North Dakota artist and Flickertail Times Editor, Teddy Meadowlark was commissioned to paint the portrait. A high resolution desktop wallpaper version of the portrait can be downloaded here for all to enjoy.

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