Minot, N.D. – Officials at the North Dakota State Fair announced Sunday evening they have traded Maroon 5 to the Norsk Hostfest in exchange for the Oakridge Boys following Maroon 5’s Adam Levine’s dismal Super Bowl Performance.

Maroon 5 was slated to perform at the North Dakota State Fair in 2019, but following the band’s disappointing performance at Super Bowl LIII, state fair entertainment officials scrambled to make a last-minute trade with the Norsk Hostfest.

“We are pleased to announce that the Oakridge Boys will be headlining the 2019 North Dakota State Fair,” the State Fair said in a press release. “We are excited to host the Oakridge Boys as they bring their exciting energy and top-notch vocals to one of North Dakota’s biggest events of the years. The Oakridge Boys existed before the age of autotune, and they certainly don’t need it. While we understand that the dozen or so Maroon 5’s fans left in North Dakota following Superbowl LII may be disappointed by this news, they will be relieved to know their tickets can be exchanged for Norks Hostfest tickets where Maroon 5 will be performing as they open for the Beach Boys.”

State Fair officials traded Maroon 5 with the Oakridge Boys following Maroon 5’s disappointing Super Bowl performance.

The Oakridge Boys say their band is thrilled about performing in Minot at the North Dakota State Fair.

“Summer just got a little hotter knowing the Oakridge Boys will headline the North Dakota State Fair in July. Dreams really do come true.” said the Oakridge Boy on Twitter.

While the changes to the Host Fest’s entertainment lineup in 2019 came as a shock to some, Norsk Hostfest officials say they are excited to host Maroon 5 for the first time in Hostfest history despite mixed reactions to the band’s Super Bowl performance.

“We are excited to host Maroon 5 this fall at the Norsk Hostfest. While we would have preferred Nickleback, Maroon 5 will be an excellent way to kick off our fall festival, and we can think of no better band to open for the Beach Boys than Maroon 5. Their exciting theatrics will entice younger audiences while the Beach Boys and our unlimited lutefisk buffet will please our more seasoned attendees. We know everyone will be asking themselves ‘where were you when the Hostfest booked Maroon 5?’ 2019 is slated to be the Hostfest’s best year yet.”

Maroon 5 was unavailable for comment following the North Dakota State Fair’s announcement.

Unrelated to the State Fair’s announcement, the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction simultaneously announced all North Dakota public schools would open two hours late to help football fans recover from Super Bowl LIII’s lack of excitement.

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