Bismarck, N.D. – Legislation was introduced in North Dakota to trade the City of Grand Forks for Frisco following the Bison’s Seventh Championship Win in Texas.

Senate Bill 2327 was introduced at the request of the North Dakota Department of Commerce, asking North Dakota to officially trade the city of Grand Forks for Frisco, TX. The legislation is expected to pass with overwhelming support.

Frisco, TX has become an unofficial part of North Dakota. Thanks to recent legislation, it will officially join the Flifckertail State in 2019.

“Frisco has basically become an extension of North Dakota,” says the North Dakota Department of Commerce Secession Director. “Everyone there loves us, and we love them. Tens of millions of dollars pour into Frisco each year thanks to the Bison. And Frisco has handed North Dakota quite a few championships in the past decade. Grand Forks can’t say that. So it only makes sense both economically and symbolically, that Frisco secedes from Texas and joins North Dakota.”

State officials say they’ve been planning the potential swap for a while, as North Dakota sent a diplomatic envoy to Texas last month to see if the Lone Star State would be open to trading.

“Texas said they’d be open to giving up Frisco but only if we could offer them something in return. We told them we’d be willing to give up a hockey team that occasionally wins national championships and a city that has a thriving sugar beet industry. Texas was hesitant at first, citing they really wanted Williston, but we weren’t willing to give up our oil. But after realizing the famous chocolate-covered ‘ Grand Forks Chippers’ were included in the deal, Texas jumped on board,” says the Commerce Secession Director. “What we didn’t tell them is how bad Grand Forks stinks. Literally. They’re in for a bit of a surprise the next time the wind blows through Grand Forks.”

After successful negotiations and NDSU’s 7th FCS Championship win, legislation was quickly brought forth to the legislature to finalize the trade.

North Dakota State University says they welcome the trade and are excited at the prospect of opening a campus in Frisco.

“Everyone in Frisco wishes they were us, and now they’ll get the chance with the opening of North Dakota State University at Frisco,” says an NDSU official.

Grand Forks Residents will be allowed to keep their North Dakota citizenship for two years following the secession. Afterwards, they’ll automatically become citizens of the state of Texas. Those wishing to keep their North Dakotan citizenship will need to relocate outside of Grand Forks city limits. Frisco residents, however, will not be forced to give up their citizenship.

“North Dakota rids itself of the Fighting Hawks and we get the championship home of the Bison,” says the North Dakota Department of Commerce. “Seems like a fair trade to us.”

If the legislation passes, Frisco will officially join North Dakota in August of 2019.