Bismarck, N.D. — North Dakota Republicans unveiled a new marketing campaign ahead of the 2018 elections, titled #NDGOPBRAVE.

The campaign draws inspiration from the controversial Nike advertisements, featuring Colin Kaepernick, however, ND GOP officials stress their campaign truly captures the essence of real bravery.

“We saw the Nike ads and felt that it is a misrepresentation of bravery, and saw an opportunity to really showcase what it means to be brave, especially in North Dakota,” said a North Dakota GOP Official. “Bravery isn’t taking a knee at a football game, bravery is having that last drink, getting in that car, owning up to that DUI like a man, and still having the courage to show up to work the next day anyways and then run for re-election. Bravery is fully supporting our President, despite growing evidence of obstruction of justice and multiple hush-money payments to mistresses, and blindly standing with him. And speaking of mistresses, real North Dakota bravery is not making a second guess and reaching for what you want, even if it’s someone else’s wife.”

The campaign will be rolled out statewide on billboards, newspaper ads, liquor stores, and more.

“We hope the campaign reinforces a sense of pride among North Dakota Republicans. If anything, our campaign really showcases just how indestructible our candidates are, and how our constituents are willing to stick with our party at all costs, without question, even if they make a few mistakes,” says the GOP Official. “We also hope people will stop supporting Nike, as their new ad campaign sends the wrong message to our youth. If you want to run, whether it be from your problems, obligations, or marriage, or even for public office, save your money and don’t buy a pair of Nikes. Instead, join the North Dakota Republicans. Just do it.”

North Dakota Democrats offered little comment on the new marketing campaign.

“We think the ads speak for themselves,” said a Dem-NPL spokesperson. “We wish them luck.”

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