ND Secretary of State candidate Josh Boschee is proposing a big change to the state's tourism motto.

Fargo, N.D. — North Dakota’s first openly gay legislator and secretary of state candidate Josh Boschee announced his intentions today to change North Dakota’s tourism motto to “North Dakota Fabulous” at a press conference in Fargo.

The current motto, “North Dakota Legendary,” has been in use since 2002.

“I’ve been running my campaign on the idea of modernization, and that’s what I plan to do if I’m elected,” said Boschee at his press conference. “Not only do I plan on modernizing the gloomy Secretary of State’s office with handsome decor and bold, thoughtful accents, I plan on giving our dreadful tourism campaign a needed makeover. And that’s why I’m unveiling North Dakota Fabulous today.”

North Dakota Fabulous will feature a bold new logo and iconic scenery.

The North Dakota Fabulous logo features a bold, bright palette, with an array of colors that celebrates North Dakota’s “ethnic and cultural diversity” according to Boschee.

Many attending Boschee’s unveiling welcomed the changes proposed to the nearly twenty year-old tourism campaign.

“Now everyone in North Dakota can feel fabulous,” said an area woman. “Fabulous is no longer a commodity reserved for those of us in the Red River Valley, we’re sending it westward.”

Boschee’s proposed changes include an array of brightly lit billboards and neon lights, revised tourism maps that guide travelers to unique dining and retail opportunities, and for the State Capitol to be “glitter bombed” to kick off the whole campaign. Legislators will be offered complimentary “fabulous” makeovers to further promote the campaign in every corner of the state.

North Dakota Republicans however were quick to criticize the proposed changes.

“When people think of North Dakota, we want them to think of the wild west, not West Hollywood,” said ND House Majority Leader Al Carlson. “This sort of campaign gives a whole new meaning to the ‘Roughrider State’ and I’m not sure that’s something people want. If North Dakota Fabulous is approved, the next thing they’ll want is a shirtless Josh Duhamel on the cover of campaign too.”

When asked to comment on Carlson’s remarks, Boschee said he’s open to Carlson’s suggestions.

“I mean if Al wants to see a shirtless Josh Duhamel on the cover of the campaign, who am I to argue with that?” asked Boschee. “And frankly, I think folks would rather see a shirtless Josh Duhamel on the cover than a shirtless Josh Boschee or Al Carlson anyways.”

Voters will get their chance to vote for North Dakota’s next secretary of state (and North Dakota Fabulous) on November 6th.

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