Bismarck — The State Board of Higher Education announced recently they will be filming a new reality television series in an effort to fill vacant staff positions.

Titled, “The Chancellor”, the show will be filmed in the previous Governor’s Mansion in Bismarck. Contestants will live at the mansion as they interact with State Board of Higher Education Chancellor Mark Hagerott as they compete for a permanent position on his staff. Each week, the Chancellor will select all but one contestant by handing them a diploma.

The series will be hosted by former interim chancellor Larry Skogen – a close friend of the Chancellor.

State Board of Higher Education Reality TV Adviser Lindsey Nielsen says she’s confident the series will be a big hit.

“The Chancellor” will be filmed at the previous Governor’s Mansion in Bismarck.

“One of the challenges any employer faces is developing creative solutions to fill vacant positions,” says Wokerson. “Given the numerous and somewhat controversial exits by some of our former staff, we decided to shoot a series that will give viewers a glimpse of another side of the Chancellor; his soft, witty, romantic side. And who better to host the show than the equally suave former interim chancellor Larry Skogen? Larry is a good friend of the Chancellor and he’s very familiar with the State Board of Higher Education. If anyone can play matchmaker for our beloved Chancellor to help fill some vacant positions, Larry can.”

Contestant applicants underwent a thorough vetting process including an in-depth survey about their views on Chancellor Hagerott.

“The the number of applicants who applied to be on the show was overwhelming but we can’t just have anyone appearing on the show,” says Nielsen. “Larry hand picked the contestants but the Chancellor will have the final say as to who moves on to each round. He’s going to have a tough decision to make each week.”

Questions on the show’s application included, “On A Scale of 1-5, with 1 being amazing, and 5 being godlike, what is your view of Chancellor Hagerott?”

Another question asked, “Having to choose between your spouse and Chancellor Hagerott, how likely would you choose the Chancellor, with 1 being likely, and 5 being I’ve already filed for divorce?”

In a nod to budget concerns, the series will be filmed at the previous North Dakota Governor’s Mansion, saving tax payers thousands from potential demolition costs.

“I just hope they keep the music down nextdoor,” says North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum.

The final three contestants will be jetted to North Dakota’s premiere luxury destination, Medora, and spend a weekend with Chancellor Hagerott.

“If you’re going to work with the Chancellor full-time then you need to be prepared for anything,” says Nielsen. “And what better way to challenge contestants by throwing them in the middle of the Badlands? The final week of the show we’ll be flying contestants to Medora where they’ll compete in a variety of challenges. Contestants will only have a few minutes to pack before they’re jetted off and the challenges they face will be kept under wraps. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers, but if I were competing, I’d be sure to brush up on my singing skills and pack my cowboy boots, sunscreen, and bikini.”

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