Flasher, N.D. — A man, known only as “The Flasher” has struck again, exposing himself to a Flasher, North Dakota resident over the weekend.

Mary Butts of Flasher, says she was out for her morning walk when a man she didn’t recognize dressed in a trench coat stepped out from an alleyway in front of her, and asked her for directions to Mandan.

“Well, I didn’t know what to expect. He startled me. And when I regained my composure and began telling him how to find Mandan, he opened his trench coat, exposing himself to me,” says Butts. “He had nothing on under that coat. The barn door was open and the cow was hanging out! I gasped and then the man laughed and quickly turned and ran off. I’ll never forget it.”

Mary Butts, a victim of the Flasher, says her morning walks will never be the same again.

Butts says she described the man to be a white male between 5’10 – 6’0 ft tall, in his mid 40’s, with dark hair.

“I told the sheriff I only got a quick glance, but if he could gather a few suspects that fit my description and have them all flash me a few times, I’m sure I could identify him again. The sheriff said he’ll let me know of any developments, so I’m staying close to my phone.”

“The Flasher” has managed to evade authorities for years in Flasher, North Dakota.

According to police records, “The Flasher” has flashed a total of ten residents (including the most recent incident) in the past four years, both men and women, throughout locations in Flasher, N.D. The crimes have remained one of North Dakota’s greatest mysteries.

His first victim, Janice Johnson, says she was flashed near the Flasher Post Office.

“He was wearing a Bill Clinton mask in the middle of the day,” says Johnson. “I honestly thought he was a bank robber, but then he opened his trench coat and I just froze. I didn’t know what has happening. And as quickly as he appeared, he was gone.”

The Flasher has alluded authorities for years. The map above shows the locations of each incident in Flasher, marked with a star. Authorities have stated there seems to be no indication of any patterns between each incident.

Chief Flasher Investigator, Jim Pecker, says because the criminal has managed to evade authorities, his confidence is only growing, which explains why he has chosen not to wear a mask in his latest incidents.

“The fact that we haven’t caught this guy has only emboldened him,” says Pecker. “He’s bored and looking for a challenge, which explains why he hasn’t worn a mask as of late. But one of these days he’ll flash the wrong person, and when he does, his days of exhibitionism will be over.”

Pecker says there seems to be no obvious patterns in the location of each flashing incident.

“We’re really not sure when or where this guy will flash next, so we’re warning all residents to be remain vigilant,” says Pecker.