Welcome to North Dakota — we have windmills.

Face it. North Dakota is an interesting place. I mean, where else can you die of heat stroke one day and hypothermia the next? We’re home to rolling prairies, endless diversity (German and Norwegian), countless cultural experiences (Norweigian festivals and pow-wows), and a political landscape as colorful as our badlands (fifty shades of red). If you’ve yet to visit this spectacle of a place, take comfort knowing North Dakota serves as an unwavering Polaris of our republic — the northern most point of reference. Yes, we are a steady rock in the winds of change, too stubborn (perhaps too German), to shift since the beginning of time.

If you don’t believe me, just ask the folks over at our tourism department. Their current advertising campaign quite literally illustrates North Dakota’s favorite son, Josh Duhamel, attempting to communicate with Lewis and Clark (they’re still alive and well here), with modern technology. Thanks but no thanks Josh, you keep your fancy gadgets and we’ll keep our muskets.

North Dakota’s favorite son, Josh Duhamel, attempts to communicate with locals in the state’s tourism campaign.

And yes, while it’s true that we are one of the largest exporters of wheat, honey, and explosive oil, we’ve managed to add a few more precious resources to that list in recent times; Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and Miss America.

And those recent times is what The Flickertail  Times is all about — digging up all things North Dakotan!*


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