Cara Mund was recently named Miss America - a first for North Dakota.

Bismarck, N.D. — Hundreds of locals took to the streets of Bismarck recently to protest Governor Doug Burgum’s decision to name Saturday, Nov. 4 after North Dakota native Cara Mund, the newly crowned Miss America. Hundreds voiced their anger near the capitol, arguing Cara Mund’s newly announced holiday should fall appropriately, on a Monday.

“It’s just not right,” shouted a resident of Lincoln, N.D. “Her name is Mund and she deserves a Monday, not a Saturday. This is what North Dakota gets for electing a hippy from Fargo as Governor.”

Other demonstrators also cited concerns, stating the “Mund-Day” fluke could jeopardize future events.

“Just think if they put Wentz-Day on a Friday instead of Wednesday. We’d have to call in the National Guard to restore the peace,” said a Bismarck resident, referencing famed NFL Quarterback Carson Wentz. “This whole thing with Cara (Mund) is something every North Dakotan should be calling their legislator about. We all know she deserves a Monday. It’s the first day of the week, arguably the most important one and it just sounds better.”

Mund’s recent win to become Miss America was a first for North Dakota – no previous pageant winner had hailed from the Peace Garden State.

The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services released in a statement they were monitoring the situation and had alerted local National Guard units to be on standby, should law enforcement need backup.

A spokesperson for Governor Burgum’s office released an official statement, stating additional security checkpoints were being deployed in the state capitol as a precaution in response to the protests. The statement goes on to say that the Governor was monitoring the situation and is examining the possibility of creating a “Proclamation Name Game” task-force to review future holidays.

If created, the Name Game Task-Force would be the 89th committee Governor Burgum has created since taking office in 2017.

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