About Us

Posted on November 14, 2017, 4:52 am
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The Flickertail Times was created by our loving leader and founder, Teddy Meadowlark. Teddy was born and raised in the Flickertail State of North Dakota where he has lived most of his life.

The Flickertail Times was briefly named the Prairie Dog Times, however, Teddy felt that this name didn’t adequately represent his beloved home state and changed its name.

Teddy has dabled in journalism and photojournalism, but felt in recent times we’ve all started to take life a little too seriously and could use a good laugh. Hence, the Flickertail Times was born.

To this day, Teddy travels across the plains, meeting folks and drawing inspiration from the stories he hears, the people he meets, and the sights that he sees. He is a wanderer and storyteller by heart, with a love for journalism, politics, and most of all, making people laugh. When not writing, he can be found exploring the great outdoors.

As a gentle reminder, the Flickertail Times is a satirical news site. The First Amendment protects satire and parody as a form of free speech and expression.

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