Governor Burgum recently announced via Twitter he was meeting today with the state’s information and technology employees, with the goal of creating innovation to serve North Dakota.

The Information and Technology Department, according to their website, supports the IT needs of state government, K-12, and higher education.

Here’s the thing. Innovation, leadership, all of those phrases that get tossed around in various talking points and Twitter updates all sound great, but perhaps a good starting point for the Governor would be to update his own website.

Granted his press releases get published daily (good job Mike), but the Governor’s proclamations webpage is notably outdated (spoiler alert – hasn’t been updated since June). Now Governor Burgum…what kind of message would we be sending to our own Miss America knowing nobody has bothered to publish her proclamation?

Further, as our Governor travels around the state talking to folks to innovate, you’d never know it glancing at his event webpage, which has been blank for some time now.

Perhaps I’m being petty. Maybe. But you can’t spell innovation (or “information” for that matter) or technology unless the “i” is dotted and the “t” is crossed.

Teddy Meadowlark
Editor, Flickertail Times

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