I have to give my flick of tail (tip of the hat) to Governor Burgum for identifying ways to inspire communities across this great state of ours, especially through his Main Street Initiative.

The Main Street Initiative is the perfect example of using existing resources to spark creative energy to help communities reinvent themselves to generate more economic, business, and learning opportunities. Renovating existing spaces, connecting with business leaders, and exploring new avenues for creativity are all key aspects of the Governor’s Main Street Initiative.

As a lifelong resident of North Dakota, it’s been quite some time since I’ve witnessed a governor spark so much conversation and so far, I’m impressed with how Governor Burgum is trying to shake up the status quo.

So as I was browsing the old Twitter feed tonight, I came across a tweet from our Governor earlier today. The Governor mentions how spaces can in essence be recycled to create vibrant spaces for communities to work, play, and do business and links to a new domain I previously hadn’t seen before, MainStreetND.org.

There’s only one problem. MainStreetND.org doesn’t exist…well, at least it didn’t when the Governor tweeted it.

Nearly six hours after Governor Burgum tweeted the domain, it was still available for purchase, meaning nobody in his administration had actually bothered to secure the domain. So we did.

Now, MainStreetND.org re-directs to our website, The Flickertail Times.

While innovation plays an important role in success, so does planning ahead – like buying a domain before Tweeting about it. And the only thing we love at the Flickertail Times more than innovation is a good laugh.

Thank you Governor Burgum for innovating our communities and for the increased web traffic.

All the best,

Teddy Meadowlark
Editor, Flickertail Times


12 Hours after we purchased mainstreetnd.org, folks finally caught on to the joke (had we not tweeted the above article to a few members of the press, the joke would probably still be live). The real domain the Governor meant to post was mainstreetnd.com. It was a fun joke while it lasted, but a little concerning that nobody in the past 12 hours bothered to check the link the Governor tweeted. Yes, for 12 hours, a link the Governor tweeted went unchecked and instead, forwarded to our website, where the top headline compared the Governor to a turkey. 

The Tweet has since been deleted but we captured a screenshot of it just for fun.

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