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The Flickertail Times
News Mar 17, 2018

Grand Forks — North Dakota Democrats gathered in Grand Forks to nominate their chosen martyrs for the 2018 mid-term elections during their 2018 “Tribute Games” State Convention. Over 500 Democrats were in attendance to witness the display and show their support for the doomed candidates who will tribute from their respective districts.

In a show of support, the North Dakota Democratic Party posted inspirational photos of nominees on social media, who will tribute in the 2018 election throughout the convention.

Dem-NPL Tribute Games Coordinator Matthew Armstrong says watching North Dakota’s legislative districts nominate their tributes has been inspirational.

“It’s such a brave thing for the candidates to tribute. They truly embody self-sacrifice, one of our party’s core values,” says Armstrong. “We’re just hoping some of the momentum other Democrats across the country have experienced makes its way here, because we can’t keep tributing candidates each year. We’re running out of people.”

Armstrong says although finding candidates can be hard, the North Dakota Democratic Party offers the families of tribute candidates a generous benefits package.

“When one of our candidates loses, we offer to pay for their political funeral expenses and keep our hopes up a Democrat will win the presidency,” says Armstrong. “If a Democrat does eventually make their way to the White House, a list of our politically-deceased candidates is sent 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in hopes that the President will appoint…



From Main Street With Love

Meadowlark / Nov 15
I have to give my flick of tail (tip of the hat) to Governor Burgum for trying to inspire communities across this great state of ours, through his Main Street

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The ND State Capitol is barely visible as the latest winter storm wallops most the state.
The Flickertail Times
News Mar 5, 2018

Bismarck — Governor Doug Burgum announced today that North Dakota is officially closed due to the winter storm impacting the state. The storm could drop anywhere from a trace to 72 inches of snow, prompting emergency officials to ask the Governor to close the entire state.

“We want everyone to stay home, stay safe, and stay warm so North Dakota is closed for business today. We shut everything down,” says Governor Burgum. “Our only exception to that is public schools. Schools and buses will be 1-hour late throughout the state. Our young people are the future and we can’t afford for them to miss a single day, no matter the weather.”

Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kirsten Baesler says her office is monitoring the weather and will notify the public of any school weather notices.

“Typically our policy is, if you can get to your mailbox, you can get your child to school,” says Baesler. “We are monitoring the situation and if it does get bad enough outside, we may have a two-hour delay tomorrow. But our two-hour delay policy is typically reserved for tornado warnings and earthquakes, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.”

Many residents took to social media voicing their opinion over the school closure policy.

“It’s not right. The forecast says if you go outside, you’ll probably die. If that’s not an indicator that schools should be closed, I don’t know what is,” says area woman Jennifer Flakes.

However, some…

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